National Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines

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National Physical Activity & Sedentary Behavior Guidelines

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The primary audiences for the Physical Activity and sedentary behaviour Guidelines for Sri Lankans are policymakers and health professionals. The Guidelines are designed to provide information and guidance on the types and amounts of physical activity that provide substantial health benefits.
The Non Communicable Disease Risk Factor Survey Sri Lanka – 2015, find that 22.5% of the males and 38.4% of the females did not indulge in 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Over 50% of Sri Lankan adults are either inactive or have low levels of physical activity – that is more than 9.5 million adults. These Guidelines are necessary because the current inactivity Sri Lankan puts them at unnecessary risk. The goal of Sri Lankan government is to mobilise one million inactive people by 2020.
This Guidelines presents Sri Lanka’s Physical Activity and sedentary behaviour Guidelines for the population aged 5 to 64 years, irrespective of socio-cultural background, gender or ability. It also provides information about the benefits of being physically active, as well as ways to move more every day.